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Match Win, Match Fine

I love watching international rugby, and even some Heineken Cup club rugby on TV, but I have no great liking for the culture that surrounds the game. However, since our daughter Catriona took up playing the game seriously at Lancaster … Continue reading

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Wonderstruck – at polar bears

I’ve been receiving Facebook posts and emails from Margaret Feinberg’s PR folks for months now in anticipation of, and after, the publication of her new book Wonderstruck (link below). Not only is there a book but there’s also a study pack with … Continue reading

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So, Borgen has started again (spoiler alert!), and it was a very moving and powerful first episode relating to the war in Afghanistan in which the PM changed her mind amid the pain and grief of the loss of life. … Continue reading

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Will I really let this watchdog bite me voluntarily?

You can always tell when different parts of the establishment know something is coming they don’t like. They bring out big guns briefing against it in advance. And that’s what we have seen in advance of the report by Lord … Continue reading

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RBS – by a former employee

Recent years have been painful for those of us who have a deep affection for the RBS, among whom I count myself as the first six years of my working life were spent In its employ. What I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Independence & Nationalism

I’ve been quiet over the last couple of weeks because I’ve been thinking. Struggling to think might be a better way of putting it. There have been a lot of statements in recent days from both Scottish and Westminster politicians … Continue reading

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‘How was your Christmas?’

The festive period is now over, although residual parties continue to punctuate the diary through the first half of January. But this seems like a good time to jot down some impressionistic thoughts on Christmas and New Year while the … Continue reading

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