One year on

This time last year, ie in the dying hours of 2011, I decided to become a blogger. Not the weekly Church Newsletter (Connections) blog, but a real Internet blog. Since then I’ve written 35 or so blog entries so am not prolific but today, reading Scot McKnight’s daily JesusCreed blog, I discovered this little piece of encouragement. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

And another thing, at this very moment we are sitting watching ‘Julie and Julia’ which is a film not only about cooking, but also about blogging. Daily blogging. Daily blogging that allowed someone to express themselves creatively reflecting on a particular part of life and to find their own way again.

I fear that daily blogging may well be beyond me, but perhaps a good and practical New Year Resolution would be for me to decide to increase my blogging rate for 2013. This time last year I was dreading what lay ahead in 2012 – with a sense of foreboding that I have never experienced before and never wish to again. I discovered that this had its roots in low mood and depression and I’m sure that part of my recovery from that situation has been setting down reflections on life and trying increasingly to see them from a more positive point of view,

This year things are very different. Many of the same things that faced us last year at this time still face us but we are seeing them very differently and my hope and prayer is that this will continue to be the case. If I can post on Facebook every day (more or less) then I can surely blog several times a week on some of the same issues and events to use them as a continual source of healing and positivity.

Bear with me, dear readers, and I will try not to bore you with rubbish, and if you feel like interacting on anything in a respectful and constructive way I’d be glad to have your company on these Steps On The Way.

To all who read this, however 2012 has been for you, may 2013 be a year in which you know the blessing of God, the presence of Jesus Christ walking with you and the power of the Holy Spirit around and within you leading you onwards.

Happy New Year!

About Jared Hay

I'm minister of Priestfield Church in Edinburgh (Church of Scotland), husband of Jane, father of two adult children and am interested in sharing ideas and information through this blog.
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2 Responses to One year on

  1. Steve, a servant to the servants says:

    Hello Jared,
    Found your blog enjoyable and encouraging today!! Can I in turn encourage you to continue and allow us to muse on your musings!! New Year is an obvious time to reflect and start new things, Reading Plans, Study even losing weight, but without being encouraged it can soon become a burden. In the film “Julie & Julia”, the Blog had a purpose, even if no one was reading it. So, even if only you & I are reading it, you’ll have someone with you for the Steps on the Way.
    God Bless you Bro

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